About us


We're so glad you've taken the time to find out more about our company! 


To give you an idea of where we are now, you first have to find out where we've been...

We began with a simple idea in mind:

"To create a place where you can get everything you need for your own personal lifestyle in one place, and without having to break the bank to do it".


Where Did We Start?

We started in Colorado after realizing that much of the products we wanted were hard to find, or very over priced. So we founded Next-Millennium so other people can take advantage of what we have discovered!



Who Started Next-Millennium?

Next-Millennium was founded by Tanner Avery. He is currently a junior at Montana State University. He thought of the idea after spending 6 months living in the Caribbean, and realizing that Americans pay 2-6 times what other countries pay for the same good! If you want to learn more about founder check out his blog at https://tanneravery.wordpress.com/
Next-Millennium's success is attributed to an excellent focus group of college students who have provided company guidance, promotions, and feedback. Next-Millennium would have gone nowhere without these vital individuals.




When Was Next-Millennium Launched?

With the help of many people including an amazing focus group Next-Millennium was officially launched in 2016!



Why Buy From Next-Millennium?

We're college students, trying to help college student.
We do whats right for our customers and manufactures. We're not in the world to get rich (and we're certainly not getting rich now), but we're alive and breathing to make the world a better place. We strive to live everyday with the goal to leave things better than we found them.  
We have worked extremely hard, spending endless hours to make sure we are affordable, and that our prices blow everyone else's out of the water! Because...well... we're college students, we know what its like to be broke in a world that advocates "keeping up with the jones". We don't like seeing students preyed on by massive corporations that sell their products for 2-6 times their actual cost.



Our Promise To You:

  1. We Promise To Keep The Customer First.

  2. To Be As Transparent As Possible.

  3. To Keep Prices As Low As Possible.

  4. To Encourage Freedom Of Speech.

  5. To Advocate Freedom Of Knowledge.