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 DIY Terrariums "Small, cramped quarters. Stale, musty air. Dim artificial lighting. Sparse décor. One window. These qualities basically describe the typical dorm conditions that college students across the nation have to deal with — and those lucky enough to live in an apartment don’t fare that much better. The good news? These dismal living conditions aren’t anything that a houseplant or two (or twenty-two) can’t fix.

Houseplants not only add much-needed aesthetic to dorm rooms and apartments, but they also purify and humidify dry indoor air, absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Plus, they boost productivity and memory retention while promoting calmness and peace of mind. Here are some hardy, low-maintenance plants that will survive and thrive — even under the care of irresponsible college students."Read More -Rebecca Fu, University of Texas

Three things are for certain when adding indoor plants to dorms and apartments

1. Bang For Your Buck

The planter you choose should maximize air purifying benefits, while also adding aesthetic appeal... All without sacrificing your very, very limited space

2. Original Planters

  A plant is only as good as the Jar that holds it. Get creative!

3. Invincible Plants

Option A: Terrariums
Terrariums are a great idea for people who know they'll neglect the plant. Terrariums function as mini ecosystem, which makes them ideal for those who don't have time to care for a needy plant. One drawback however is that a terrarium plant does little or nothing to clean your air... for obvious reasons. Terrariums can add aesthetic appeal, provide a fun weekend project, and lighten  the mood of a room which decreases stress.
Option B: Hardy Plants
There are plenty of plants available that can thrive without a terrarium, even if you periodically forget to maintain them. They will still require watering and some care, but it is worth having a plant that filters your air. Hardy plants add aesthetic appeal by incorporating a variety of textures to a room. Compared to terrarium plants, indoor hardy plants clean a freshen air, which encourages health, stress reduction, and fulfillment recognition. 

Alternative Plant Planters

Terrarium Necklace

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